Ocondi UWA (Universal Wellhead Automation) with one-second data logger

The UWA is a RTU with all the functionalities of a SCADA system mentioned above. Unique to the SCADA industry, the UWA is a high resolution (one-second) trend data logger.

My PCT Patent Application # PCT/US19/12227, titled Video, Audio, and historical trend data Interpolation, teaches an analog trend data compression and decompression algorithm capable of better than a 200 to 1 compression ratio. This invention along with our unique communication protocol yields an overall compression ratio of 400 to 1.

Transmission of highly compressed one-second trend data of 8 analog channels from more than 1,000 UWAs’have been accomplished without stretching the bandwidth of the wireless system.

The UWA is a full EFM system that meets and exceeds AGA, API, and BLM, specifications. The UWA is configurable to operate as an adaptive plunger lift controller with flow control. It is also configurable to be a submersible pump controller, or a soap injection controller.

Reintegration of one-second trend data of DP, P, and T, yielded the calculated flow results that closely match the results calculated by the well site UWA.

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